Neurodiversity Index 2024

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Did you know that in the workplace, 40% of neurodivergent employees say they are impacted most days in the workplace by their condition and only 32% of employees felt that they can disclose their neurodivergent condition? These are some of the key findings from our Neurodiversity Index and Report that we launched earlier this year, in partnership with Do-IT Solutions.

It’s always been a mission at the City & Guilds Foundation to help each person achieve their potential, by focusing on supporting individuals who face significant barriers in developing their skills.

The collective ambition for the Neurodiversity Index 2023 report, was to create a benchmark to help guide employers about what they should be doing to better support neurodiverse staff in the workplace & for employees to understand what they should expect from their employer.

We are excited to now embark on the journey to our Neurodiversity Index 2024 in hopes to understand 12 months on, what strides has been taken to create a more neuroinclusive workplace? Has the experience of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace changed?

Charmain Bucho, Head of Diversity Equity & Inclusion, City & Guilds “At City & Guilds we are on a journey of reimaging and recreating our workplace to ensure a culture where all people are engaged and valued. Prioritising diversity of thought, perspectives, and ways of learning is key to creating a more neuro-inclusive workplace and enabling our staff to thrive.”

Amanda Kirby, CEO, Do-IT Solutions “As CEO of Do-IT Solutions we are very excited and proud to once again be partnering with City and Guilds Foundation to be launching year 2 of the Neurodiversity Index. Building on what we learned last year we want to learn what is changed, what are the challenges and what you have found has made a real difference as an employee or employer. We want to hear from you and we want to learn from each other.”

Join us by participating in the 2024 survey

We’d like to encourage all employers of all organisation sizes and individuals both neurodivergent and neurotypical to participate. For every survey filled, we are giving you the opportunity to make a pledge to build equity, claim a digital credential and share with your networks.

Help us to strive for inclusive workplaces and to help everyone realise their potential!

Find out more about the Neurodiversity Index here.

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