Memberships and partnerships

Many of the challenges we face today are too complex to tackle alone. By joining a range of organisations and initiatives we can facilitate collaboration, increase our impact, learn and together accelerate positive change. Here are some of the partnerships, memberships and collaborations that City & Guilds takes part in.





The 5% Club

The 5% Club is a dynamic movement of employers committed to earn & learn as part of building and developing the workforce they need as part of a socially mobile, prosperous and cohesive nation. The Club exists to help its members and all employers increase further the number, quality and range of earn & learn opportunities across the UK.

City & Guilds is a Bronze partner.

Association for Black & Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE)

The Association for Black & Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE) provides support and promotes higher achievements in Education and Engineering particularly among students and professionals from ethnic minority backgrounds. They work to increase the number of ethnic minority people who pursue a career and have successful careers within the engineering industry.

City & Guilds is a member.

Association of Colleges (AoC)

Association of Colleges is the national voice for further education, sixth form, tertiary and specialist colleges in England.

City & Guilds is an Affiliate Member and Sponsor of the Beacon Awards.

Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP)

The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) is a national membership body, proudly representing its many member organisations operating in the skills sector. AELP members deliver a range of training and vocational learning – including the majority of apprenticeships as well as Skills Bootcamps, 16-19 Study Programme, Adult Education Budget and more.

City & Guilds is a Patron Member.

Business in the Community (BITC)

Business in the Community (BITC) is the UK’s largest and most influential responsible business network dedicated to building a fairer and greener world together, supported by His Majesty The King for over 40 years. They inspire, engage and challenge purposeful leaders to take practical action to mobilise their collective strength as a force for good in society.

City & Guilds is an Affiliate Member and partner on various work programmes.

Colleges Wales

Colleges Wales are an education charity which promotes the public benefit of further education in Wales. They believe that all learners have the right to world-class education, delivered in a safe, diverse and inclusive setting and within a sector which supports the wider community, employers and the economy.

City & Guilds is an Affiliate Member.

Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) serves as the catalyst between industry and government to drive positive change, speaking for businesses of all sizes and sectors across the whole economy, in every UK region and nation, ensuring sustainable growth for the benefit of society.

City & Guilds is a Charity Member.

The eAssessment Association (eAA)

The eAssessment Association (eAA) is a professional body that promotes better assessment of knowledge, skills and capabilities of people through technology. Its members represent the whole of the sector, from academics and institutions to technology providers and large corporates.

City & Guilds is a member and award sponsor.

Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB)

The Federation of Awarding Bodies is the collective voice of the UK’s world-class qualifications and assessments industry. Their members are committed to providing high-quality qualifications and assessments that recognise achievement, improve productivity, support social mobility and change lives.

City & Guilds is a full member.

Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace

Henpicked’s aim is for every employer to be menopause friendly and for organisations to put equity, diversity, inclusion and employees’ wellbeing centre stage. They offer a variety of services to members including CPD-accredited menopause training.

City & Guilds is a member.

The Heritage Alliance

The Heritage Alliance is England’s largest coalition of heritage interests. They are a membership body that brings together over 200 independent organisations, who represent the full breadth of the sector. They work to champion the needs, aspirations, and achievements of their members and the wider heritage sector.

City & Guilds is an affiliate member.

Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)

The Joint Council for Qualifications is a membership organisation comprising the eight largest providers of qualifications in the UK. The JCQ provides a single voice for its members on issues of examination administration and, when appropriate, qualification and wider education policy.

City & Guilds is one of eight member organisations.

Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance seeks to bring about positive and lasting changes in the apprenticeships and employability landscape, ensuring that opportunities are accessible to individuals from all backgrounds.

City & Guilds is a patron.

National Training Federation for Wales (NTfW)

The National Training Federation for Wales (NTfW) is a Wales-wide representative body for organisations or individuals involved in the delivery of learning in the workplace. Members range from small specialist training providers to national and international organisations, as well as local authorities and charities.

City & Guilds is an Affiliate Member.

St Martin’s Group

The St Martin’s Group is a unique membership organisation created to support the UK economy by fostering a sustainable, quality-focused and employer-led apprenticeship and skills system.

City & Guilds is a Founding Member.

Strategy International

Strategy International is a proven strategic business development network, combining British Expertise International, The D Group, British Foreign Policy Group, Strategy Leadership and Development and YourVoice. These organisations share a common purpose of making an emphatic contribution to the prosperity of the UK.

City & Guilds is a Member.


Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority delivers a wide range of projects to improve lives and drive economic growth across the region.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority on various projects.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Region of Learning (CPRoL)

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Region of Learning (CPRoL) project is an ambitious, multi-year social mobility project that will use the Cities of Learning framework to badge, map and connect learning in the region.

City & Guilds has collaborated with CPRoL on various projects.


Citadel‘s work is rooted in public policy with a wealth of 30 years’ experience in communications and campaigns, working in government and media relations. Citadel was formed in 2005 and established its policy practice in 2007, including expertise in policies for education and skills, children, young people and families, and social inclusion.

City & Guilds has collaborated with Citadel on various projects including developing the strategy for City & Guilds’ first-ever Skills Hub at the 2023 Conservative and Labour Party Conferences.

The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is a significant national landowner with a diverse £16bn portfolio that includes urban centres, rural holdings,  the seabed and much of the coastline around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, playing a major role in the UK’s world leading offshore wind sector.  They occupy a space between the public and private sector, acting independently and commercially to grow the value of the portfolio for the nation. All of the net profit goes to the Treasury for the benefit of the nation’s finances, totalling more than £3bn over the last ten years.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Crown Estate on various projects.

EDGE Foundation

EDGE Foundation work to inspire the education system to give all young people across the UK the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to flourish in their future life and work. They believe in a broad and balanced curriculum, interactive and engaging real world learning, high quality technical and professional training and rich relationships between education and employers.

City & Guilds has collaborated with EDGE Foundation on research projects.

Engineering Council

The Engineering Council is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession who set and maintain the internationally recognised standards of professional competence and ethics that govern the profession. This ensures that employers, government and wider society can have confidence in the knowledge, experience and commitment of professionally registered engineers and technicians.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Engineering Council on research projects.

FE Week and FE News

FE Week and FE News are the leading digital newspapers covering the Further Education, Skills and Apprenticeships Sector.

City & Guilds has collaborated with FE Week and FE News on various events and webinars and is a regular contributor.

Fifty Shades Greener

Fifty Shades Greener is an award winning educational company for sustainability providing green skills education, certification and consultancy to businesses, governments and educational providers worldwide.

Fifty Shades Greener is a recipient of City & Guilds’ Princess Royal Training Awards for their work in this area.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Fifty Shades Greener on various projects.


FutureDotNow is a coalition of industry leaders working to ensure that all working age adults have the digital skills they need to benefit their own prosperity and UK productivity.

They’re coordinating industry action to equip people with the Essential Digital Skills they need to thrive in work and prepare for our digital future.

City & Guilds has collaborated with FutureDotNow on various projects.

Future Skills Coalition

The Future Skills Coalition was formed in 2022 by The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), Association of Colleges (AOC) and City & Guilds to drive a coherent and sustained model for future skills development and workforce investment.

City & Guilds is a founding member.

Greater London Authority

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is responsible for the strategic administration of Greater London, sharing local government powers with the councils of 32 London boroughs and the City of London Corporation.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Greater London Authority on various projects.

The Green Edge

City & Guilds collaborates with sustainable business analysts The Green Edge to produce a bespoke podcast series, designed to help us respond to the latest developments in green skills markets.

The new partnership helps us focus on relevant training solutions for the next generation of energy, construction, transport and manufacturing engineers, with the skills needed to support the UK’s transition to Net Zero. The new podcast aims to highlight the positive contribution that green skills make to society while looking at how we plan to tackle the current skills shortage in the UK.


Hundo Virtual Work Experience equips young people with the essential employability skills in demand across industries, and the tools and insights they need to navigate the path from education to employment with confidence. This ensures every young person has access to valuable, engaging and relevant work experience, no matter their location or socio-economic profile.

City & Guilds has collaborated with Hundo on various projects.

Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP)

The Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP) is the professional association for the employability profession. The organisation was founded in 2011, and works to support the continued professional development (CPD) of front-line employability staff. The IEP focuses primarily on supporting those who work directly with jobseekers as well as front-line staff in organisations who provide employment support, such as charities.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP) on various projects.


Jisc are a not-for-profit organisation and believe education and research improves lives and that technology improves education and research. They provide managed and brokered products and services, enhanced with expertise and intelligence to provide sector leadership and enable digital transformation.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Jisc on various projects.

Learning & Work Institute

NFER‘s mission for the past 75 years has been to improve outcomes for future generations everywhere and to support positive change across education systems.

They do this by creating and sharing research evidence and insights on education policy and practice, informing policymakers and other key decision makers, and strengthening practice in the classroom.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Learning & Work Institute on research projects.


Lightcast is a global leader in labor market analytics. They connect people with jobs by providing businesses, communities, and education institutions with the best labor market data possible. Their data-driven insight enables better, faster decisions.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Lightcast on various projects.

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is working to create an environment that allows their economy to thrive for the good of the community and everyone who lives and works in the Liverpool City Region.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on various projects.

Navigatr and Leeds City of Learning

Navigatr has been working with Leeds City Council to support organisations to recognise skills & achievements with digital badges. This initiative is helping the people of Leeds tell the story of their skills through digital credentials.

City & Guilds has collaborated with Navigatr and Leeds City of Learning on various projects.

NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research)

NFER‘s mission for the past 75 years has been to improve outcomes for future generations everywhere and to support positive change across education systems.

They do this by creating and sharing research evidence and insights on education policy and practice, informing policymakers and other key decision makers, and strengthening practice in the classroom.

City & Guilds has collaborated with NFER on research projects.


ResPublica is an independent non-partisan think tank, that seeks to establish a new economic, social and cultural settlement for the United Kingdom. They believe in the common good and the development of real wealth that promotes both social and economic flourishing.

City & Guilds has collaborated with ResPublica on research projects.

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) connects people to University, post Uni studies including teacher training, apprenticeships & internships.

City & Guilds has collaborated with UCAS on various projects.

University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC)

The University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 1999 by the higher and further education sector. They provide an independent voice for members on matters relating to technical and professional higher level learning including higher and degree apprenticeship. Their mission is to champion higher level vocational learning.

City & Guilds has collaborated with UVAC on various projects.

Youth Employment Group

The Youth Employment Group (YEG) exists to ensure that there is a quality employment, education or training pathway for all young people, in particular the most marginalised. It brings together the UK’s largest coalition of youth employment experts and the latest evidence and insight, with young people who have faced or are facing barriers to employment. 

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Youth Employment Group on various projects.

Youth Employment UK

Youth Employment UK is an independent, not for profit social enterprise founded in 2012 to tackle youth unemployment. As experts on youth employment and unemployment, they are ideally placed to understand the complex landscape facing young people, employers and policy makers.

City & Guilds has collaborated with Youth Employment UK on various projects.

West of England Combined Authority

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) has significant powers and funding to tackle everyday challenges in the West of England. Their work covers most aspects of daily life, including homes, transport, skills, jobs and support for businesses.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the West of England Combined Authority on various projects.

West Midlands Combined Authority

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) is a strategic authority with powers over transport, economic development and regeneration for the West Midlands metropolitan county.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the West Midlands Combined Authority on various projects.

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