Event 2: Marginalised groups – prison leavers

In this event we explored excluded groups and giving fair chances for people with lived experience of prison to gain employment.

When: Tuesday 08 June at 11am

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Guest speakers

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Most prison leavers want the opportunity to turn their life around. Having a job helps them stay out of prison and getting back on track is proven to reduce reoffending. How can employers get involved in their journey whilst addressing their skills gaps and playing a positive role in society?

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“I pledge to make less judgement to others and to consider everyone professionally regardless of past lives.”

“I pledge to try to help more people from excluded groups develop their skills and get in to work.”

“We pledge to consider marginalised groups such as prison leavers when reviewing our recruitment process.”

“I will pledge to read up on the Timpsons model and how they have sucessfully worked with ex offenders and make them an invaluable part of their workforce.”

“I pledge to look out for an individual’s potential when recruiting new employees and not to focus on what they have done, or not done, in the past.”

“I pledge to seek out potential, ambition, aptitude and ability in all those I recruit and develop regardless of background, ethnicity or beliefs. I pledge to use a connection with diversity, inclusion and belonging to develop a better version of me and my lived experience.”

“I pledge to try everyday to work more inclusively, be mindful of others and champion non-discrimination in all facets of my life and community.”

“I pledge to ensure that our organisation makes more effort to highlight the value of lived experience for the people we support, that history need not determine a persons future.”

“I pledge to actively consider prison leavers when developing our qualifications to remove any barriers or bias, with the aim of encouraging those seeking work that they are valued, supported and deserving of a fair chance.”

Digital Credential: Fair chances for people

We are no longer issuing digital credentials for this event, but please see our upcoming events, our Neurodiversity Index and our ReSET: Recognise Strengths Engagement Tool for other opportunities to pledge your support and earn a digital credential.

Guest speakers

Surini Ranawake

Surini Ranawake

Head of Employment Outcomes, New Futures Network

Surini is the Head of Employment Outcomes at New Futures Network – the specialist part of prison service that brokers partnerships between employers and prisons. These partnerships help employers to fill skills gaps and provide work for prisoners during their sentences and on release. Surini is responsible for external engagement regarding New Futures Network, including advisory and reporting to Ministers. Previously Surini worked for the Ministry of Justice.

James Timpson OBE DL

James Timpson OBE DL

Chief Executive of Timpson Group, Fellow of the City and Guilds of London Institute

James Timpson OBE DL is Chief Executive of Timpson Ltd, a retail business with over 2000 shops. James is also Chair of The Prison Reform Trust, a Trustee of Tate and Chair of Tate Enterprises Limited.


Claire Wood

Claire Wood

Chief of Staff and Marketing Services Director, Central Business Services at Deloitte LLP

Claire has almost 30 years of experience in professional services.  In her current role, Claire is the Chief of Staff to the Head of Central Business Services at Deloitte UK. This shared services function spans a variety of service areas including HR, IT, Workplace Services, Service Management, Vendor Management and Marketing, which Claire has oversight responsibility for, as well as a number of operational responsibilities including financial & risk management.

Personally Claire has a deep interest in people development; is a mentor to a number of individuals inside and outside of work and has supported mentoring programmes with a number of external bodies such as The Institute of Data and Marketing and VETS (a military mentoring programme); and most recently the Mutual Mentoring programme run by Breakthrough, Trailblazers and StandOut, working with young prison leavers.

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Event 2: Marginalised groups - prison leavers

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  • James Timpson OBE DL, Chief Executive of Timpson Group, Fellow of the City and Guilds of London Institute.
  • Surini Ranawake, Head of Employment Outcomes, New Futures Network
  • Claire Wood, Chief of Staff and Marketing Services Director, Central Business Services at Deloitte LLP

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  • Dr Ann Limb CBE DL FRSA, Chair of City & Guilds, Number 1 Public Sector Executive OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model List 2019
  • Jason Sloan, Organisational Development Lead, GSK, INvolve Top 50 OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model

Event 5: Gender Diversity - a women's panel

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