Supporting neurodivergent employees in the workplace

Our new research has found that employers are currently failing to support neurodivergent employees, and there is currently a lack of training available and awareness in most workplaces

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Establishing the Neurodiversity Index Report

Following our first and inspiring ‘Train the Trainer’ event which championed neurodiversity, wellbeing and inclusion, work began on creating the trailblazing Neurodiversity Index Report.

At the City & Guilds Foundation, we are passionate about enabling each person to achieve their potential. By partnering with Do-IT Solutions on this, we aim to encourage and highlight best practice for enabling everyone to be successful in the workplace.

Neuroinclusive workplaces don’t just benefit neurodivergent individuals, they benefit all employees.

Do-IT Train the Trainer

Participants at the ‘Train the Trainer’ event with their certificates.

Neurodivergent people are estimated to make up 1 in 7 of the population in the UK, and when given the opportunity can bring fresh thinking to businesses that makes them more resilient and profitable. However, many face barriers when it comes to education, and training and getting into (and staying in) work. This is demonstrated in the fact that 30-40% of neurodivergent people are unemployed in the UK today.

To support more businesses to employ neurodivergent people, we carried out this important piece of research to find a benchmark for organisations to use and to consider what actions they should take to create a more inclusive workplace for all.”

Kirstie Donnelly MBE

CEO, City & Guilds

Our key findings


of neurodiverse employees able to disclose their condition in the workplace with a good or OK response.


of neurodivergent employees say they are impacted most days in the workplace by their condition.


felt as if they can’t disclose their neurodivergent condition in the workplace, with 10% of respondents having been met with a poor response once they have done so.


have neurodiversity champions or mentors, serving as advocates and allies and raising awareness of neurodiversity within the workplace.

“The challenge remains in society that there is still a low level of appreciation of differences and the talents and skills we can gain if we ensure a more inclusive approach to both education and employment. This research is not only about employers, it’s also very important to capture an understanding from employees working in all sizes of organisations and to hear their current lived experiences and enable a means of having their voices heard. I’m delighted to be able to partner with City & Guilds Foundation on this Neurodiversity Index which will hopefully support many organisations on their quest to become more inclusive.”

Professor Amanda Kirby MBBS MRCGP PhD

CEO, Do-IT Solutions

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“I’m committed to learning more about neurodiversity, being open to others’ experiences and being an ally to ND individuals and organisations by advocating for and with them.”

“I will continue to share my experience of being a neurodivergent person in the workplace to improve understanding and work towards acceptance of difference.”

“Everybody has a right to succeed and to contribute, to feel valued at work and to have support and help to be their best selves.
I am committed to helping everyone succeed, and to fostering an inclusive, equitable workplace where we can all make an impact.”

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