Covid-19: Supporting our communities The Covid-19 crisis is presenting huge challenges for everyone as we respond and adapt to an uncertain and ever-changing landscape. And yet our purpose stands truer than ever; to help individuals, organisations and economies build skills for growth. The City & Guilds Foundation continues to provide vital support to all our communities, through sharing knowledge and insight, grant making and bringing people together to share best practice. Find out more.

City & Guilds

Our mission:

“Removing barriers to getting a job, celebrating best practice on the job, and advocating for jobs of the future.”

Social Investment




Social Investment

Strategic funding that helps the hardest to reach develop skills for work.


Using the power of celebration to promote learning.


Bring people together to champion skills development.


Accountable for meaningful change.

About the City & Guilds Foundation

The City & Guilds Foundation is part of the City & Guilds Group charity, and has a specific focus on high impact social investment, recognition and advocacy programmes. Each of the programmes we run act as a catalyst for us to make a difference to people, organisations and society through investing all of our surplus and resources into helping everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, get opportunities to succeed.

The Foundation aims to innovate, celebrate and evaluate opportunities that will make a real difference to people’s lives through skills development by:

Social Investment

Dedicating funding to social programmes that help remove barriers for people to secure lasting employment, such as the Future Skills Commission for Prisons and our bursary programme.


Recognising those who demonstrate excellence and outstanding results from their investment in skills development, such as the organisations who have achieved the Princess Royal Training Award standard.


Bringing together networks of people who are committed to our purpose and great ambassadors for skills development to drive forward our agenda of skills for growth.


Measuring and analysing the full impact of everything we do – both commercially and through the Foundation – on delivering secure and sustained employment, strengthened organisations and a more skilled and productive society.

What’s happening

The City & Guilds Foundation supporting communities throughout Covid-19

No one is untouched by Covid-19, and we are humbled by seeing so many of our communities and partners responding with such energy and grace to what is a difficult time for people and societies all over the world. We know that people need support now, to help them get...

City & Guilds Foundation launches groundbreaking new skills fund for prisons

The City & Guilds Foundation is inviting bids to a new £1m fund to help provide skills training and employment for prisoners and ex-offenders. The Big Idea Fund is now inviting expressions of interest from charities, prison governors and other potential providers,...

About the City & Guilds Group

The City & Guilds Foundation is part of City & Guilds Group, global pioneers in skills development. We support over 4 million people each year to develop skills that help them into a job, develop on that job and to prepare for their next job. As a charity, we’re proud that everything we do is focused on achieving this purpose.

Through our assessment and credentialing, corporate learning and technical training businesses, we partner with our customers to deliver work-based learning programmes that build competency to support better prospects for people, organisations and wider society. We create flexible learning pathways that support lifelong employability, because we believe that people deserve the opportunity to (re)train and (re)learn again and again – gaining new skills at every stage of life, regardless of where they start.

Find out more about the work we do, our brands and our policies at:

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