Advancing A Greener Future: City & Guilds’ Carbon Reduction Journey

by Apr 4, 2024Awareness Raising, Campaigning, City & Guilds initiatives, Responsible Business

As a global leader in skills development, we at City & Guilds recognise the vital role we play in addressing social, environmental, and economic issues. We are committed to embedding responsible business practices into all aspects of our work, which includes our journey to becoming net zero.

We recently completed the annual calculation of our carbon footprint, and are proud to announce we have achieved a commendable 10% reduction in carbon emissions compared to our baseline in 2019. This accomplishment is a testament to our collective efforts and the dedication of our team and our partners.

Our commitment to transparency and accountability drives us to annually publish our Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP), ensuring that we remain steadfast in our pursuit of sustainability. Our CRP outlines ambitious targets, including:

  • Decreasing carbon emissions by 25% by the end of 2025, accomplished through an annual reduction of 7%
  • Achieving a 50% decrease in emissions by 2030
  • Attaining Net Zero status by 2040


While carbon reduction is not a linear process, we understand the importance of consistent effort and flexibility in achieving our net zero aims and believe we are headed in the right direction. This year we were able to achieve a 3% annual carbon reduction, bringing us to the 10% overall reduction. This was largely due to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a decrease in paper-based certificates.

Despite this progress, there were areas where we did not meet our objectives, particularly in reaching our 7% reduction target. This was largely due to rising costs, as well as strategic decisions to pursue activities and investments that helped us to better deliver our purpose.

This shortfall is an opportunity to learn and improve, and our commitment to achieving net zero emissions remains steadfast. With the help of industry experts, we are refining our processes and practices to further reduce our carbon footprint. We are improving our data accuracy, skill development, energy efficiency, and responsible procurement practices. We are dedicated to fostering transparency within our supply chain, recognising it as a pivotal area for our emission reduction efforts, and have begun the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) process which will result in even greater transparency and accountability.

While the Executive Leadership Team and Trustees take full responsibility for helping us achieve these goals, we know it requires a collective effort. We are grateful to be guided by an internal working group of specialists and are committed to equipping every member of our organisation and our partners with the tools they need to be individual contributors. One key step is increasing knowledge and understanding of responsible business principles.

Internally, we provide all colleagues with learning and training opportunities. This includes our Carbon Literacy Training sessions designed to deepen participants’ understanding of climate issues and increase their commitment to meaningful action in our transition to net zero. We are also preparing to launch a Responsible Business E-Learning Module, which is designed to increase knowledge and awareness of all aspects of responsible business and help colleagues embed these practices into their work.

As part of our efforts to support customers, employees and stakeholders who are striving to address social and environmental issues, Kineo recently released its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Global Offer. This complement to the broader Kineo Courses subscription will help participants become aware of the environmental and social issues relevant to their organisation and industry, understand the relevant laws and best practices, and recognise the impact their work can have.

Kineo Courses deliver content via the cloud, enabling both scalability and flexibility for evolving ESG practices and regulations, as well as different learner needs. The first set of courses cover:

  • Environmental, Social and Governance Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Climate Change
  • Introduction to the Environment
  • An Introduction to the Environmental Impacts of Pollution and Waste
  • Sustainability and the Green Economy


At City & Guilds our primary focus is to help people, organisations and economies develop their skills for growth. We believe our ethical approach to doing business helps us further achieve our purpose. That is why we are committed to continuing to work toward a greener, more sustainable future.

To learn more about our Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) at City & Guilds, click here.

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